Edwards Family Vacation…

We made it about an hour and a half  
before Emery demanded we stop the car. We tried to fool her into thinking that her bedtime routine would be the same it always was…only this time you will be sleeping in a car seat while we drive the 9 hours to Waterville, KS.

The rest of the ride wasn’t too bad with only a few outbursts that caused us to pull over. The truth is, I am still very new at this parent thing and I’m realizing that with each passing day I end up with more questions than answers. At this rate, I will be completely clueless by the time Em is a teenager.

Despite the fact that traveling with an infant can be hard, Nicole and I still had a great drive. We talked more than we have in months during the time that Em was sleeping. We reassured each other that the mutual sacrifice that was taking place on behalf of our daughter was not fostering resentment between us; rather it was fostering a comradeship between two spouses/parents equally dedicated to making our family as strong as it can be.

This trip marks the first ever “Edwards Family Vacation”. Granted we aren’t going anywhere exotic, like the Bahamas or Jamaica, but this crazy, loud adventure tearing through the great plains is perfectly chaotic and simply amazing. This is my family. There will be some quiet times filled with contemplation, but there will be just as many (if not more) stressful, chaotic and patience testing times alongside them. Together we will blaze our own trail riddled with imperfection and beauty…and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are truly enjoying our time with Nicole’s family in Waterville. We are also looking forward to hanging out with her family in Belleville, KS as well as with my family in Fremont, NE. Lots of driving. Probably lots more angry Em to be seen and definitely more Edwards family adventure to be had. I am profoundly blessed to be a part of this family; to be Dad!

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