Babies And Rebirth…

Nicole and I are on vacation visiting family throughout Kansas and Nebraska. This trip is reminding me of the transformation that has taken place within our family through Emery’s birth. It’s pretty amazing how the birth of a child can impact so many people so dramatically.

From making the commitment to quit smoking to taking progressive steps toward ending a multiple year gambling addiction, Emery is sending life changing waves through her family at a mere 3 months old. It is so humbling to see how such a little person can impact people for the best. It just goes to show you how much we, as humanity, value new life and are inspired by it.

My experience as a parent has ushered me into a reflective posture. As the Lenten Season quickly approaches, I am excited and nervous about what will come from my new found desire to focus on presence. Presence with God. Presence with myself. Presence with  my family. Presence with those I encounter daily. I have not been very disciplined in the art of reflection in the past. It seems like my intentions are always good right before Lent, but the practice often
seems forced, inauthentic and eventually fades away.

Facebook is a social network that has been a gift and curse in my life. Sometimes I find myself spending an embarrassing amount of time “stalking” other people and portraying an image of myself that is, at best, a performance. It has also been a true blessing; making it easier than ever to connect with friends and family regardless of their location.

Blessing or curse…or both, I have felt the desire to fast from Facebook for Lent. I am excited to see how this season of reflection and fasting will impact the way I view facebook, my family my spirituality and myself. I will do my best to share some of my reflections in this blog as the season progresses.

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