At The Show…


Last night a good friend and I went to the Bluebird theater in Denver to see MXPX — well, Mike Herrera and three guys who are now his touring band. Though I was definitely disappointed by Tom and Yuri’s absence, the show was amazing. I have wanted to see MXPX live for more than 13 years. It seems that I got to see nearly every punk rock band on my teenage list except them. I was happy to finally rectify that situation last night.

I am sure it’s not a normal MXPX show reaction and I didn’t let my friend see it, but I actually teared up a little when some of my favorite songs from High School were being played. You see, this concert ended up holding more significance than I realized when I walked into the Bluebird last night.

In 2000 I first listened to MXPX. I absolutely loved their stuff. They quickly became my favorite band. This chapter of my life, which almost seemed to be opened by punk bands like MXPX, is also riddled with things that bring me sadness, shame and even bitterness. I guess that High School can do that to people. Honestly, it’s a chapter that I don’t often think about anymore — that is until last night. Watching one of my all time favorite bands play songs that almost defined those days took me back very unexpectedly. It took me back, but it also gave me some much needed closure. It seems appropriate that the band who opened this chapter of my life, would close the book on it in such an incredible way.

I wanted to share a video from last night. As I used my cell phone…sound quality sucks, but you can see how great the show really was even so. I was reminded of why I loved these guys 14 years ago. Also, I would definitely see them again if they came through town. Enjoy the video.

To walk you through it…

Mike, being a Washington native, comes out wearing the infamous #12 Seahawks jersey. (Guy infront of me takes issue with it as you might notice)

He then takes it off, revealing his “Coloradical” shirt. (Fans are happy once again.)

MxPx rocks out, as well as some other fun stuff.



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