Spoken Word by Joshua Station Youth

Tonight we had our annual Spring Theater Event–a fundraiser for Joshua Station and the Justice And Mercy Legal Aid Clinic. Before the play, Shadowlands, we threw a wine and desert mixer complete with an incredible Surf band and some amazing Spoken Word by a friend of Mile High Ministries and two teenagers living at Joshua Station. I was so impressed by the work of our teens that I insisted they allow me to share their words with you. I hope these words hit you as hard as they did me. Today, I am so proud to be doing what I am doing.

Robert’s Poem

Joshua Station
Is a big apple tree,
With families hanging on its branches.
Sometimes apples fall from the branches
Sometimes they are picked
Sometimes families move on.

Me and my family
Flew like butterflies to this tree
While the fading light of the sweet sun reflected off our wings.
We were ready for a good night’s rest
After a long test with my dad.

His long addiction was ruining the love and affection
My family had towards each other.

I once heard
“Everyone has their fight.”
This was my Mom’s fight,
A metaphor for the choice she made.

She taught me
Never to leave something undone.
For everything has its consequences
even doing nothing.

Sometimes you have to stand and help somebody you care about.
Be as the great lion,
The king of the beasts,
Standing tall and proud fighting to protect his pride from outside threats.
We are a family.
A lion pride.
And we watch each other’s backs while we continue our long journey.

Fight not only for yourself,
But for the people you care about.
You have control over the outcome of your life
And you can make a difference
With what happens to the people that you love.
Whether you’re going to be successful or not…it’s your choice.
It’s a choice to surrender or not to bad things.

I choose to never surrender,
To never give in.
I am thankful for all my family and friends.
I am grateful at the end of every day God has let me live
And the beginning of every beautiful night.
Live life to the fullest because God has given you a chance to live.
For what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Kimberly’s Poem

Whether people are moving out,
Or new people moving in,
Here we are a family.

Listen carefully.

Listen to our peace.

Listen to the sound of our waterfall.

We are rose petals opening up like arms for the future.
Each petal a new adventure waiting for us to explore.
Each flower spreading across the earth’s crust making it amazingly beautiful.

Our spirits start like small seeds
That grow into the biggest trees
As our faith gets stronger.

The Joshua Station protects you from those who harm you.
Like a palm tree
Blocking the suns raging rays.
There’s so much to be grateful for in the shade.

Pay attention ’cause you can miss it…something that no one else can see.

This is what I’m becoming…something unstoppable, inevitable, something remarkable. This is what I know.

What about you? Your life? Your thoughts? Your personality? What are you becoming?

Don’t miss it.

The beauty of reality.

Where nothing is impossible, let your imagination take over.

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