Bearing Fruit

apple-fruitI admit that summer is a difficult season for me. The temperatures are certainly a contributing factor, but there is something deeper. In my work, my personal life, and all of creation it seems that summer is all about productivity. The beautiful colors of spring give way for the (still beautiful) luscious green of summer. The tree in our front yard is now bearing some sort of fruit, though I am unaware of exactly what it is or whether it would kill me. All of these things are beautiful in their own way, but I admit that I much prefer the seasons of fall and winter. During those seasons the activity, both in creation and within me, is happening primarily below the surface. Books are read easily, this update is written without much hesitation, and I am constantly reminded of the inner-self that so often goes unnoticed during the season of productivity. But, here we are…in summer. This update is written through a major case of writers block, I am hardly reading anything, and I am exhausted from all the productivity!

There is something beautiful about the productivity taking place all around us. My favorite recent example is that of Vanessa. She decided to take one of her deep joys—Baking—and create a sort of small business operated by her cousin and her. My favorite of her creations was a chocolate cupcake frosted with Nutella and with an Oreo baked into the center. My mouth watered as she described it to me and I was thrilled when a coworker loaned me the $2 to enjoy the treat with my daughter.

The inner-work, the stuff that I prefer to experience, is a necessary part of this life we live, but so is the productivity. Jesus speaks of the importance of bearing fruit. Certainly there is a great deal of work that happens below the surface before that fruit can be born, but the birthing of the fruit is an equally important and beautiful stage of it all.

Youth like Vanessa show me the beauty of allowing that bearing of fruit to take place. I am also reminded of Karen who pursued her interest in art and photography—through which she has earned some income and inspired many. Then there is Daniel who worked incredibly hard on his High School studies in order to set himself up for great success in college. He is still involved in a great number of clubs at school and is producing fruit in his own life. I am convinced that he will be a great voice in the political arena advocating for Latino rights and equality as he continues to allow that fruit to come forth.

I will continue to pray for God to help me see the importance of the productivity in my own life. I am grateful for the many examples the Joshua Station community has offered me along this journey. I hope their stories will do something to encourage you to see the beauty in the birthing of fruit in your own life as well.

This post is the most recent 8th & Wyandot update. To find it, as well as the entire 8th & Wyandot archive, Click Here.

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