Exploring the Examen

Saint-Ignatius-Loyola 7 31The best way that I can describe the past few years in terms of my experience of God is to say that I have explored spirituality. What I mean is that I haven’t felt much of a desire to dive into doctrinal study and certainly not doctrinal debate–which captures the majority of my experience through my teenage years and into my early twenties. I have lost most of my desire to tell you why you are wrong and I am right–most of it!

In the spirit of the shift I have experienced I thought it might be fun to do a blog series on one of the spiritual practices that has offered light for the journey in recent years–St. Ignatius’ Examen.

Throughout the series I will be using the Examen as offered by the Street Psalms community–a community very near and dear to Mile High Ministries.

The Examen was developed over 400 years ago by Ignatius of Loyola. A friend of mine from the Street Psalms community recently observed that the greatest minds of today invest themselves into technology while the greatest minds of the past invested themselves into the soul. St. Ignatius is considered by many to be one of those greatest minds of the past, a man who has given us many guideposts for our journey with God.

I am hopeful that those of you who are encountering the Examen for the first time will let me know how it transforms (if it does) the way you experience your spirituality. I am also hopeful that those of you who have already encountered it will offer your insights–whether you feel my reflections are missing key elements of this beautiful prayer practice or you just want to contribute to them.

The series will follow the movements of the prayer identified by the Street Psalms Community. I will post one blog per movement for the next 5 days. I hope it will offer something, if even a tiny nugget, to your spiritual journeys.

The Examen Movements

1. Presence

2. Gratitude

3. Gift of the Spirit

4. Reflection

5. Resolve

5 thoughts on “Exploring the Examen

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