My Desert Journey…

In the Gospel of Mark, the narrative of Jesus being compelled to go to the wilderness has a very different flavor than it does in Matthew or Luke’s Gospel. In Mark, Jesus is said to have been “Driven” into the wilderness. The others use more gentle language for this event. For many of us, Lent is a time of willing pilgrimage into the wilderness we are being gently invited into. For others, the wilderness is not a place willingly entered, nor is it really confined to this season.

One of the common threads between the 3 Gospel accounts is the voice of God speaking over Jesus after His baptism and before His journey into the wilderness. God declares a delightedness for Jesus, informing us (and Him) that He is deeply loved.

As I journeyed through Lent this year I did my best to lend an ear to this voice of God speaking words of delightedness and love over me as I was led (or driven) into the wilderness. I practiced this attentiveness by looking for one thing each day that struck me as beautiful for one reason or another. I hope you enjoy the photos that came out of this experience. I also hope you are able to remember God’s voice of delight and love as you will no doubt find yourself in the wilderness from time to time–sometimes by force.

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