Kimberly’s Poem

The pain,
I feel deep down.
Mostly in the rain,
It’s like I’m going to drown.
What am I feeling?
I just don’t understand.
I keep searching
But I’m tired, so I just stand.
What’s real?
What’s fake?
How do I make a deal?
Cause I’ve noticed it’s not a piece of cake.
At first I think I can fly,
But then I feel like I might just die.
Each cut hurts less each time,
Even if I pour lime.
Blood dripping,
After he is done raping.
I can no longer run.
I’ve been left behind.
Everything is no longer fun.
I think I’ve lost my mind.
I take pills like candy.
I used to have a friend named Randy,
But he is now diseased.
Everyone was so displeased.
Last week I sent a drunk text.
I’m not quite sure but I think it might have been to my ex.
Everything I ate I would throw up.
I felt like my head might just blow up.
But then I met someone.
He was standing by my lawn.
He stood there every day at dawn.
And then one day he came to me.
Told me, “that’s not the way to be.”
Basically, he thought he was saving me.
I always believed that happy endings were make believe.
My body started to become weak.
My life started to leak.
I started to forget about reality.
I got closer to brutality.
Darkness started to take over me.
All I really wanted was to be free.
People would just not let me be.
I became afraid.
I got closer to blade.
My memory started to fade.
But slowly I noticed everything was wrong.
I found help to become strong.
I got back on my feet.
I could finally feel my own heartbeat.
I could walk on the street,
And feel the heat.
I came back to normality.
Thank you for your hospitality.

3 thoughts on “Kimberly’s Poem

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  2. Hi Ben,
    I share your heart for Joshua Station and Kimberly’s Poem is heart wrenching. Praise God for what you do with and for these kids. Tell Nicole and your family Hello, I enjoyed getting to know your family through Whiz Kids a few years back. Blessings, Angie

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