Remembering Martin of Tours


I have explored Celtic Christianity rather intentionally for the past couple of years. The more I study, the more I come across the name of the Saint much of the world celebrates today–whether they know it or not!

In many countries today is a celebration of light. In Germany, students will have made lanterns for Laternenfest at school. They then take part in a practice of walking from a local church into a public square in recognition of this festival that has in some ways lost touch with it’s genesis, “Sankt Martins Tag”. Saint Martins Day includes the festival of light in recognition of the light that Martin shined through his commitment to non-violence and his life and work among the poor in his community.

So as you remember Veterans Day and bring honor to the loved ones that this day represents for you, may you also remember Martin of Tours and the impact he left in his community and many more since.

The Northumbria community remembers Saint Martin on November 11th. The following is a passage out of their “Celtic Daily Prayer”.

Martin won a discharge from the Roman army to become a hermit. A community grew up around him in France, and whole areas were evangelized as teams of his followers occupied sites previously dedicated as heathen shrines. Martin was a hermit and then a monastic in the desert tradition, but, with this sending out of teams, we have the beginnings of a missionary monastic movement that was to be characteristic of Celtic Christianity.

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