Heads Up: Delve Denver


For a few years I have been a part of a community in Denver, a community so rich that I rarely walked away from interactions with these folks without something profound to chew on for months to come. I often found myself mourning because I didn’t know how to harness this richness and share it with my friends beyond our city. Well, that time has come.

Delve Denver is a podcast put together by our Executive Director at Mile High Ministries, Jeff Johnsen, alongside our Communications Director, Brian Rossbert. The podcast is a way that we are attempting to seeking the “Soul of our City”. This is the first season. Jeff and Brian have played with a few ideas of what this podcast is going to become, but even the episodes that represent this playful exploration are filled with a sort of richness that captures what I have mourned not being able to share with you before.

The episodes range from extremely interesting historical stories to interviews with some of Denver’s most important voices–folks that have helped shape the Soul of our City in profound ways.

I encourage you to listen to all of the episodes, but I want to share with you my favorite. It’s an interview (broken up into two episodes) with John Hicks and Ryan Taylor. John and Ryan used to co-direct the Network Coffee House until Ryan took over the full responsibility recently. These two funny contemplative guys offer an insight into Network, their work, and what it truly means to encounter folks who have been marginalized in meaningful ways.


Delve Denver Podcast



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