Heads Up: Faith Circus

faith circus

A few years ago I met a woman who brought with her an impressive amount of positive energy every time she brought dinner to our folks at Joshua Station. Her name is Kathy Escobar. Kathy co-pastors a church in the North Metro Area called The Refuge. There are many things that make The Refuge unique, but I want to focus on the one that helped give birth to one of my new favorite podcasts, Faith Circus.

Kathy co-pastors The Refuge with her long time coworker and friend, Karl Wheeler. What makes this fact a little wonky is that Kathy is a “Progressive Christian” often under fire from the more conservative among us, and Karl is an “Evangelical” who holds to some of those more conservative beliefs represented by those folks Kathy hears from on the regular. Now to be fair, Karl is not super conservative. He’s Egalitarian for one thing. That makes him a target as well. But he is decidedly Evangelical and often finds his beliefs and preferences at odds with Kathy’s.

They often disagree over some pretty big issues, issues that would usually send a church right into a good old fashioned split. But instead they have decided to co-pastor! They are setting an example of what Unity without Uniformity really looks like.

Faith Circus is their podcast. It’s filled with wisdom about how they have managed to hold this tension while not only working together, but maintaining a deep friendship. It’s also filled with some honesty…honesty that honestly makes me uncomfortable for them as I listen to the conversation. Their podcast offers a look into something beautiful that is happening in our city–something I can honestly say I’ve not seen anywhere else.

I’ve picked my favorite episode so far. The podcast is really new, so I am sure I’ll be sharing others in the future!

Go ahead, give it a listen!

Faith Circus

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