Crow Speaks and why holding back is boring as hell!


Last night I had the chance to see a friend of mine play some music. The “venue” was mostly a joke–a bar with a weekly singer/songwriter showcase that consists of about 5 people semi listening while the college kid who sort of likes music works the “sound board”. The stage was not exactly set for my friend Edgar to feel good about his chance to perform. He could have “saved face” and decided to forego this one in favor of something he could easily set up back home in Arizona–something that would have felt more like a real show.

But pack it up Edgar did not! Instead he plugged in to the shitty sound system, submitted his creativity to the controls of the “sound guy”, and dove head first into the alternative universe of rock ‘n roll that is Crow Speaks!

Maybe it’s because I am usually the last person willing to be so vulnerable, but I am always inspired by people like Edgar. I am inspired by the fact that they are willing, for the sake of their creativity and art, to risk what I generally am not–intense embarrassment. I’m sure that sometimes that happens, but often it doesn’t, and Crow Speaks was no different. Edgar threw himself into the performance, using his pedals to create super catchy loops of percussion, electric guitar bass lines, unique sounds made from nearly every part of the guitar, and unapologetically raw vocals. While he laments the finished product (in terms of sound quality) his performance was awesome in every way, causing me to move along to the rhythm of every song.

People like Edgar inspire me to be just a little more vulnerable, a little less concerned about how “you” might respond to what I create. They inspire me to not settle for boredom.

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